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Through a series of random events,  I've recently come across a website that sends free books in exchange for reviews of those books.

As a bibliophile,  I found it impossible to pass up the opportunity. Free books for the simple price of writing a review? Heck yes!

It works in a simple way: you sign up and provide basic information about yourself and your blog, answer questions about your reading preferences and you're in!

As awesome as it sounds, there are some downsides. First, the physical copies tend to run out fast. (I'm not a fan of ebooks.) Second, not all the books are good. As with any book you pick up, it's hit or miss.

My first selection, The Girl In The Road,  I picked because it had a very positive review from Neil Gaiman.

As for my opinion on it, I will be adding it very soon.

To join Blogging For Books , follow the link below!